Refund / Change Policy
04/10/2021 - 00:01

After the runner’s registration form and fee payment are completed, the Committee will not refund the registration fee under any circumstances. When there is a need to change personal information or transfer the competing rights to a 3rd party, runners need to comply with the regulations on personal information change or transfer announced by the Organizing Committee for each marathon.

In case a registered marathoner wishes to change the running distance (to a longer/shorter course), or the name of the runner, the request should go through the Organizing Committee via email:

The Organizing Committee will provide support as soon as possible after receiving the runner's request. Any distance change is accepted when the request is made before the deadline, which is the race date.

The runner will have to pay the difference of the registration fee for the running distance, in case the new distance has a higher registration fee than that of the original race, and the balance will not be refunded if the new distance has a fee below that of the original distance.

For further details of the marathon’s regulations, please refer to its Terms and Conditions.