VPBank Hanoi Marathon Extends Beyond Finish Line
17/02/2020 - 20:00

The VPBank Hanoi Marathon, the only international race that incorporates the main historical attractions of Vietnam’s capital in its running course, has boosted contributions to charity funds to support children facing disadvantaged conditions as part of its organizers’ efforts to diversify the event’s social impact.

From the “VPBank Hanoi Marathon - Run & Share” photo contest, held among activities of the race in late October 2019, organizers have donated more than VND 500 million (over USD 21,500) to five charity funds which support children with medical conditions, or those struggling with material life and school supplies.

The donation was made as the organizers contributed VND 5,000 for each photo submitted to the contest, and also VND 5,000 for every kilometer conquered by the runners.

The contributions were sent to the following charity funds:

- The "Pair of Loving Leaves" fund that supports children who overcome disadvantaged conditions in life, especially helping poor kids with outstanding study results;


- The "Thien Nhan and Friends" fund that lends support to operations to regenerate genitalia for children, helping eliminate their physical pain and psychological inferiority;


- The "Operation Smile" fund that helps realize cleft lip and palate surgeries for children, bringing smiles and thus changing their lives;


- The "For a Strong Heart" fund. Run by the Hanoi Heart Hospital, it supporting doctors in conducting heart surgeries for children free of charge;


- The "We Help Talents" fund, which is aimed at discovering and supporting young talents in long distance running, especially those in northern mountainous provinces.

After the marathon 2019 ended, each charity fund received more than VND 100 million (USD 4,300) from the race’s organizers.

The race, which drew the participation of around 7,000 runners, with 1,500 among them from 58 countries, has eventually not stopped at the Finish line, but has also been extended on a longer journey for humanity purposes, helping enable children to go to school.