Criteria for Selecting 200 Non-elite Runners to Join 31st SEA Games - 2021

Criteria for Selecting 200 Non-elite Runners to Join 31st SEA Games - 2021

1. Qualifying races:

The qualifying races shall fully meet the following requirements:

1.1 Those which have been included in the 2021 competition schedule by the Vietnam Administration of Sports and the Vietnam Athletics Federation;

1.2 Those the 42.195-km track of which has been certified by the Vietnam Athletics Federation as meeting the standard.

1.3 Those supervised by officials and referees of the Vietnam Athletics Federation.

1.4 Time for qualification: from March 4, 2021 (the date on which the Asian Athletics Association issued a written permission*) to October 31, 2021.

            As of 2021, there are 3 marathons that meet the above requirements: the Tien Phong Newspaper Championship and Long Distance Marathon, the VPBank Hanoi Marathon and the Halong Bay Heritage Marathon. However, only the Tien Phong Newspaper Championship and Long Distance Marathon and the VPBank Hanoi Marathon are suitable in terms of the time for qualification.

The Halong Bay Heritage Marathon will be a long-distance training race for runners selected to attend the 31st SEA Games.

2. Quantity and conditions for qualification:

- The total number of runners to be selected is: 200 (including 150 Men and 50 Women), competing at the 42.195-km distance.

- The runner is Vietnamese citizen, being outside the period of facing any disciplinary measure, aged 16 years or older (up to the date of competition).

- Runners are responsible for understanding and complying with the rules of the marathon. Any violation will result in disqualification.

3. Eligibility criteria:

- 150 Men and 50 Women who meet the following standards at the VPBank Hanoi Marathon and the Tien Phong Newspaper Championship and Long Distance Marathon will be selected from the top down:

- Criterion of participation for Men: 3:30:00

- Criterion of participation for Women: 4:30:00

  • In the event that by the qualification deadline, there are not enough 200 runners, the Organizing Committee will consider the rankings at all marathons that meet the requirements as stipulated in article 1.1 of the Vietnam Athletics Federation to gather enough Men and Women Runners as regulated.

4. Benefits:

- Runners will not have to pay any fees

- Runners will receive the Race Kit before the marathon

- Runners will receive a medal after completing the distance within the permitted time (4:30:00 for Men and 5:00:00 for Women). This is also the cut-off time for Men and Women.

- High-ranking runners will receive vouchers from sponsors (if any).

5. Time and venues for competition:

- Time: Saturday morning, November 27, 2021

- Location: Around My Dinh National Sports Complex, the Finish line is inside the stadium.

6. How to compete:

- At the Start line, the runners will be divided into two waves. Elite runners competing in the official competition will be placed in Wave 1 and start first. Non-elite runners will be placed in Wave 2 and start later.

7. National record recognition and national level:

- All runners (both the elite and non-elite ones) breaking national records or meeting the race's standard level will get recognition.

* Details of the criteria, as well as the Asian Athletics Association's written permission (Please see photo below), are supplied by the Vietnam Athletics Federation.

Criteria for Selecting 200 Non-elite Runners to Join 31st SEA Games - 2021





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