VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021: A Race For New Records

VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021: A Race For New Records

The VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 would become a race of new records following the announcement of a series of extremely special prizes to motivate runners to join training and test themselves at the 31st SEA Games arena.

For the first time at the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 runners will be able to register:

  1. to break national records;
  2. to break VPBank Hanoi Marathon records;
  3. to break personal records.

The record breaking results will be certified and awarded by the Vietnam Athletics Federation and the Race Organizing Committee (ROC) of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon.

Details on how to register for breaking records at the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 will be announced by the ROC at the Networking Event on May 6, 2021 in Hanoi.

The VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021's prize system will be expanded to a level matching that of the marathon and will definitely be the driver for each runner to fully devote himself to the race.


Held annually since 2018, the VPBank Hanoi Marathon has become Hanoi’s official marathon and won recognition to be a member of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) since 2019, with a running track standardized by AIMS experts and the Vietnam Athletics Federation. Runners’ results, in addition to be qualified for competing in the 31st SEA Games, are still recognized to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon.

Race Date: October 24, 2021




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