VPBank Hanoi Marathon Program in Tribute to Volunteers And Clubs

As many as 200 top FM runners of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 could get the opportunity to join the accompanying run at the 31st SEA Games. Once again, the VPBank Hanoi Marathon affirms the professionalism and the marathon's level on the regional scale.

The exceptional success of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon in all of these years is the belief, love and strong support of the runner's community, especially the great contributions by volunteers and clubs, the enthusiastic people who have always been side by side with the Race Organizing Committee (ROC) at every key point on the track, always been wholeheartedly committing themselves to every step of thousands of runners.

In order to thank the runners for their companionship in 2020, the VPBank Hanoi Marathon's ROC would like to dedicate a Tribute Program to the volunteers and clubs as follows:

- A gift to each volunteer of a Bib for any distance when registering for the 2021 race.

- A gift to 14 clubs which have made contributions to the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2020, each with 20 Bibs for any distance when registering for the 2021 marathon, in which:

* Each club can choose two nicely-composed Bibs in the ROC's special list following the order "first come first served";

* The remaining 18 Bibs are to be granted randomly by the system.

The ROC has emailed the link for registration to all volunteers and club leaders. Please check the mail box, including the spam folder, and fill in the form before March 28, 2021.

The ROC plans to complete the registration and send all Bibs as soon as possible (expected within a week from March 29, 2021).

* Unlike other ordinary Bibs, the Bib awarded under the Tribute Program does not entail the benefit of changing Bib owner's name or distance.
* Volunteers are kindly requested to use their name and email as per their registration in the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2020's volunteer list.

Once again, we would like to thank all the volunteers and clubs for their precious support extended to the VPBank Hanoi Marathon. The ROC looks forward to getting your further companion with the VPBank Hanoi Marathon's 2021 edition - the race that accompanies the 31st SEA Games.

VPBank Hanoi Marathon Program in Tribute to Volunteers And Clubs

The VPBank Hanoi Marathon's ROC expresses its sincere appreciation to volunteers, who have brought large contribution to the success of the 2020 marathon.


The VPBank Hanoi Marathon is an official member of the International Association of Marathon and Long-distance Runs (AIMS) since 2019, with the running track meeting standards of the World Athletics Federation (formally known as IAAF) and the AIMS. The marathon is part of the high-performance competition system of the Vietnam Sports Administration and the Vietnam Athletics Federation.

Race Date: October 24, 2021




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