Terms & Conditions

VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021




Article 1: Date, Timing, and Location

1.1. The official Race Date: October 24, 2021.

1.2. Venues of the marathon hosting:

The Start Line for all the categories is in front of Ba Kieu temple (opposite Ngoc Son temple. The running tracks pass through Old Quarter streets, Hanoi’s heritage sites and end in front of the King Ly Thai To Park (A detailed roadmap is attached)

1.3. Category: The VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 (the Race) consists of four categories: 42.195 km, 21.097 km, 10 km and a mini marathon (4.2 km).

1.4. Timing (to be confirmed)


Start time

Cut-off Time

Check- In

42 km


06:30 (6.5 hours)


21 km


06:30 (3.5 hours)


10 km




  Mini Marathon (4.2 km)





1.5. Time limit

The cut-off time for each category is shown above. The runners who fall behind after this threshold will have to exit the race track, or they shall have to use the sidewalk to finish the race, but their results are not qualified for the race completion. While running on the sidewalk, runners need to observe all traffic rules for pedestrians. Water and refreshment points and medical assistance at each 5-km point are closed after the cut off time ends.

1.6. Official time

The official time is measured from the moment the runner crosses the starting line to that when he crosses the finish line. The official time is measured electronically (in real time) and a timing chip is installed in the Bib number for each runner. Runners are required to have their Bib numbers attached to their body from the Start line to the Finish line in order for their time to be registered. Results are rounded up to the nearest second.

1.7. At the Start line

Runners shall register their best results achieved in the past races in order to have their starting order assigned. Those who do not register their results will be placed as the last to start. Runners are asked to remain within their designated area and follow directions when moving to the starting point. Failure to follow will lead to being disqualified.

1.8. At the Finish line

The top three ranks in each category are defined based on the actual rank of each runner touching the cross-section of the Finish line (Timing results are not counted for ranking these three).

1.9. Venues

The Start line begins in front of Ba Kieu Temple (opposite Ngoc Son Temple), and the running course passes through the Old Quarter streets, heritages and landmarks of Hanoi, and the Finish line is in front of the King Ly Thai To park (details are included).

1.10. The ROC reserves the right to change the course if necessary. The change, if any, will be advised early to runners and related parties.


Article 2: Classification

2.1. Professionals (Applied to the full marathon category) include:

- The athletes of Vietnam’s national team and those controlled by provincial, municipal and sectoral authorities nationwide, who have competed at the 10-km, half marathon (21 km) and full marathon (42 km) categories under the national competition system from 2018 until now, including: The 8th National Games in 2018; Tien Phong newspaper marathon and long-distance running in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

- The athletes of ASEAN and other foreign countries invited by the ROC’s letter (online race).


2.2. Non–professional

All the athletes who do not belong to the article 2.1 mentioned above, who observe the marathon’s terms and conditions.


Article 3: Prizes

3.1. Winners of the 42-km, 21-km, 10-km categories and the mini marathon will receive trophies and other prizes/services (if any) with equivalent value from sponsors. Prizes in cash are subject to a 10-percent personal income tax in line with Vietnam’s taxation law. Prizes in kind or vouchers from sponsors cannot be converted into cash.

3.2. For additional information on prizes, visit here.

3.3. The ROC has the right to cancel any athlete’s results and prizes if any violations of the race’s terms and conditions are found.  

3.4. Any questions or complaints about prizes must be sent to ROC within 24 hours after the prize awarding ceremony. Any questions or complaints about personal results must also be sent within 24 hours after the race finishes. For late complaints, the ROC will consider the severity of the situation presented and come up with an appropriate decision.

3.5. For the 42-km, 21-km and 10-km categories, there will be two prize systems for professionals and non-professional athletes. Professional runners can compete for prizes of both the online and offline systems. Non-professionals are allowed to compete for the general prize designed for the mass population group and in accordance with the age grouping.

3.6. At the 21-km and 42-km categories, there will be additional prizes for men and women athletes in non-professional four age groups (under 30 years, from 30 to 39 years, from 40 to 49 years and from 50 years upwards). Professional runners will not compete for these prizes. 

3.7. The deadline for receiving the prize is one month, starting right after the ROC announces the prize details.

3.8. The runner’s ranking is the actual rank he acquires at his competing category. In case a runner wins a high rank in both the competing systems (or in both the general competition and in the age grouping), the runner can retain the title/rank at heach system, but will only receive one award, the value of which is the highest among the prizes.

3.9. In order to receive the prize, a winning runner needs to complete the following steps:

- Fill in the Application for Prize Reception

- Prepare a copy of ID card/ passport

- Sign the commitment form related to personal income tax (Form 02/CK-TNCN)

In case the winning runner does not have any of the papers mentioned above, the ROC has the right to decline to hand out the prize and request the runner to supplement the papers in order to receive the prize.


Article 4: Timing chip

Runners participating in the 42-km, 21-km and 10-km categories will receive a timing chip. Runners are responsible of taking care of their timing chips in order to ensure their result validity. The ROC is not responsible if the chip is damaged by the runner, leading to invalid results.


Article 5: Terms on Registration and Confirmation

5.1. The ROC requests that every runner who does not reside in Vietnam register via the race’s website. In case the runner runs into problems or technical difficulties in the process of registration, the ROC will provide alternative methods of registration and payment.

5.2. A runner registering more than once for the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021, or falsifying the name, birth date, biological gender, or profile photo is considered disqualified to join the race.  

5.3. All runners competing in the 42-km, 21-km, and 10-km distances will receive a Race Kit containing a Bib number, a timing chip, a T-shirt and the race manual.

5.4. Runners of the 4.2-km distance will receive a Race Kit containing a Bib number, a T-shirt and the race manual.

5.5. Age limit:

5.5.1. For the mini marathon (4.2 km): no limits.

5.5.2. For the 10-km category: the registrant must be at least 14 years of age (born in 2007 or earlier).

5.5.3. For the 42 km and 21 km: a runner must be at least 16 years of age (born in 2005 or earlier), and legally responsible for having sufficient rights, including but not limited to parental permission, to register in accordance with ROC's regulations and fulfill other registration requirements such as using a credit/debit card to pay the registration fee.

- On the Race day, runners aged between 16 and 18 may compete only with the written consent of a parent or legal guardian.

- In case the runner is not old enough as stipulated, the legal guardian must sign the guarantee and take full responsibility for safety and possible risks for the guaranteed runner.

5.6. If case an individual is the proxy and/or is authorized to collect Race Kit on behalf of someone else or a group of runners, the person will have to commit that he/she has full delegacy of that runner or group of runners. Terms and conditions will apply fully to the authorized person.

5.7. After the runners’ registration and fee payment are completed, the registration fee will be non-refundable. Participants are not allowed to change personal information or transfer to any third party the right to join the marathon after registration and payment are complete.

5.8. Changing the running distance is allowed if it is requested before the deadline stipulated in Article 1.2. The runner will have to pay the differences if the fee for the new distance is higher than that for the initially registered distance, while there will be non-refundable amount if the fee for the new distance is lower.

5.9. In case the runner overpays the registration fee, the ROC will send the excess amount to the runner via the online payment portal.

5.10. The ROC will not be responsible for delays in case the applications are not processed due to a faulty Internet, due to failure to accept the terms and conditions, resulting in failing to send confirmation emails.

5.11. The provisions in Article 5.10 also apply to ROC's discount and promotion programs.

5.12. The correction of errors in personal details (such as ID number, gender, date of birth, email etc.) will be assisted by the ROC until the date of closing Registration.


Article 6: Runner’s commitment to law, safety and personal property

6.1. Runners must abide by all legal regulations of the government of Vietnam.

6.2. Runners must obey sports rules and do not use drugs. The ROC has the right to ask a winning runner to provide urine sample for doping tests, should there be any doubt about doping use. The runner is required to provide urine sample to the ROC.

6.3. When joining the race, the runner pledges to be physically fit to participate in the registered category and the time required by the ROC for completing the distance. Runners are committed to understanding their own health limits and to being self-aware when physical activities should be stopped to avoid injury.

6.4. In case a runner does not finish the running course within the official cut-off time (see Articles 1.4 and 1.5), the ROC has the right to request him to stop and there will be no financial compensation, including financial compensation and/or other compensations, for this request.

6.5. Runners understand all the risks associated with this running event, including but not limited to tripping and falling, collision with other runners, the effects of weather, traffic, the road conditions, from minor to serious injuries, and even death. Runners will have to take responsibility for their own safety and health during the race and commit to not holding the ROC accountable for any of the mentioned incidents.

6.6. The ROC will buy public liability insurance and personal insurance for the runners participating in the race. In order to ensure their rights, the runners need to provide full and accurate personal details (date-month-year of birth, passport number, expiry date and nationality) in their registration information submitted to the ROC.
If the runner fails to provide complete and accurate information, the ROC and the insurance company will not be held accountable in further proceedings.

6.7. Runners are responsible for carefully researching the running track before the official Race day and take full responsibility if they run the wrong course leading to the failure in completing the course or in having their performance recognised.

6.8. Bib number

6.8.1. The name on the Bib must match that on the runner's Identity Card or Passport used for registration.

6.8.2. Runners must wear the Bib (granted before the Race day) throughout the time of the competition. Any exchange, sale, gifting, transfer of the Bib to another person without ROC's written consent is considered a violation of the race's terms and conditions. The ROC reserves the right to stop the play and not to recognize results by all the runners who wear a Bib not in line with ROC's registration list.

6.9. Personal belongings

Runners leave personal belongings in a bag or backpack and mark clearly with the Bib. Do not place any valuables among the items to be handed over at ROC's counters.

6.10. ROC is not responsible for any damage caused by:

- Illnesses or accidents (including emergency treatment)

- Loss or damage of personal belongings.

- Late arrival due to difficulties and/or public traffic or road conditions.

6.11. Medical care

The ROC will provide first aid or professional medical care for any injury, illness or accident and in case of necessity, refer the patient to the nearest hospital. The runner will be responsible for covering expenses of emergency medical care and treatment.  


Article 7: Prohibitions

The ROC will not allow any runner to participate in the marathon and continue to run once the Race has started, if they violate the following rules:

7.1. Runners are not allowed to use any wheeled vehicles or pedestrian conveyance (skateboard, rollerblade, shoes with wheels attached, bicycle, motorbike, etc.).

7.2. Runners are strictly prohibited from using doping and any other substances listed in the Prohibited List provided by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Runners must not use stimulants, drugs or medicines that increase the feeling of excitement during competition.

7.3. Runners are not allowed to receive help from sources other than ROC (such as: water, nutritional intakes, partners…).

7.4. Runners must follow the running course layout. Anyone attempting to leave the course without permission will be immediately disqualified. Anyone attempting to shorten the length of the course (taking shortcuts) will also be disqualified. Shortcuts can be detected by referees or monitoring devices and video. The final decision rests with the ROC.

7.5. Runners need to run through the starting mat, the test mat on the running track and the finishing mat, otherwise it will result in failure to complete the course. Any runner whose signal is not captured by all the chip mats will be considered as failing to complete the race.

7.6. Runners are not allowed to conduct acts, or have a speech that harass or induce the crowd, cause violence, damage or harm the Race.

7.7. Runners are not allowed to bring unrelated equipment to the marathon; any weapon or sharp object that can harm others.

7.8. Runners are not allowed to bring any document, fliers with content unrelated to the event that can be used in propaganda purpose against the Vietnamese government and people; or the content contrary to the policies of the Party and the State or is not consistent with Vietnam's customs and traditions.

7.9. Runners are not allowed to wear offensive costume, inappropriate to Vietnam's culture, those carrying images that are against the State and people of Vietnam; images that go against the Party and the State policies; run with the entire face covered.

7.10. Runners must not violate traffic rules while on the running course. If a runner commits a violation, he will be fully responsible before the laws of the State of Vietnam and must compensate the damage caused to the ROC (if any).

7.11. Foreign runners have the responsibility to declare themselves and to make sure their purpose of entry into Vietnam to participate in the race when applying for visa and entry procedures in Vietnam. The runners are also responsible for informing the ROC about their accommodation address while participating in the race.

7.12. Runners must not conduct activities that may cause delays, such as: dancing, changing clothes, playing musical instruments, raising funds, asking for autographs... Runners do not obstruct the race by failing to comply with instructions by the ROC. Runners are not allowed to use toilets outside the designated areas.


Article 8: Delay and cancellation terms

8.1. Runners will not get refund of the registration fee should the race be cancelled/delayed under any reason.

8.2. After completing registration and fee payment, runners cannot ask for refunds relating to the registration for any reason.

8.3. In case of unfavourable weather or unforeseen circumstances, the ROC will notify the runners of the cause before the Race day. The ROC can delay the event and are responsible for notifying the runners of the date to which the event is delayed.


Article 9: Image Copyright

The ROC reserve all the rights and copyright to use any articles, photos, videos, and any data of this race, and the right to use these materials for the official website, social media sites or/and for media outlets for the purpose of marketing and promoting the Race.

Copyright of this information includes, but is not limited to, names and information such as age, address (place of birth, province, city) of the runners mentioned in the article related to the event.


Article 10: Rules and Format of Competition

All issues related to the rules and the format of competition are complied with the race’s terms and conditions, the regulations of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the current athletic regulations.

For more information, visit: http://aims-worldrunning.org.


Article 11: Terms for Implementation

11.1. To ensure the safety of running, the ROC will apply these rules throughout the race to all runners. Runners who do not comply with the rules will be deemed ineligible to participate in the race.

11.2. If there is any dispute during the race regarding registration terms and conditions, achievements, results of the Race, the ROC has privilege of making the final decision.

11.3. The ROC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions in the event of an emergency without putting up a notice in advance..





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