1.1 Race Day: October 18, 2020

1.2 Starting Time:


Start Time

Cut Off *


42 km




21 km




10 km




5 km




* For details of CUT-OFF TIME, please check the table here.


1.3 Time Limit:

Apart from the Cut Off time stipulated to each of the above races, the Race Organizing Committee (ROC) will set a time limit for each 5-km distance at 50 minutes in the semi-marathon and marathon categories. Road blocks at each distance will then be dismissed, allowing normal traffic to resume based on this limit. The runners who fall behind after this threshold will be invited to board the vehicle provided by ROC, or they shall have to use the sidewalk to finish the race, but their exact results on the race completion will not be guaranteed. While running on the sidewalk, runners need to observe all traffic rules for pedestrians. Refreshment points and medical assistance are no longer available after the time limit.

1.4 Official time:

The official time calculated for all runners is the time based on electronic clock devices (real time) from the moment the runner crosses the Start Line until he/she crosses the Finish Line. Runners must wear a timing chip - their designated chip attached to the bib number to time their running from the start line to the finish line in order to get the official end time. Time will be rounded to the next second.

1.5 Start:

Runners need to register their best achievements, based on which ROC will arrange a reasonable starting order. All those who do not register their achievements will be placed in the last row. Runners are required to start in their designated area. All runners must enter their starting point via the entrance as instructed. Anyone who fails to comply with the arrangement will be disqualified from the race.

1.6 Finish:
The position of the first three rankings in each race is the actual rank of the runner touching the cross-section of the Finish Line (Achievement is not counted for ranking in these first three positions).

1.7 Venue:

ROC makes an announcement of the venue on the official website and the fanpage of the race.

1.8 ROC reserves the right to change the course of the race if necessary.



VPBANK HANOI MARATHON - HERITAGE RACE consists of 4 categories: 42.195 km, 21.1 km, 10 km and 5 km.



3.1 Runners commit to complying with all legal regulations of the State of Vietnam.

3.2 The race is a physical activity and runners commit to having sufficient physical conditions to comfortably undertake the category of the race at the stated pace. Runners commit to fully understanding their physical limitations and are sufficiently self-aware to stop physical activity before becoming ill or injured.

3.3 If for some reason a participant is not able to run the distance and the required pace, ROC have the right to dismiss him/her from the race and he/she understands that there will be no financial compensation for such dismissal.

3.4 Runners have known all risks associated with this running event, ranging from minor injuries to serious injuries, including tripping and falling, contact with other runners, the effects of weather, traffic, the road conditions and even the death. Runners will have to take responsibility for their own safety and health during the race.

3.5 Bib Number:

For safety reasons and personal record, all runners must wear the official bib number that will be handed out in the Race Kit. The bib number must be worn visible during the race on the front of the runner’s body.

3.6 Belongings on the Race Day:

Please leave personal belongings in a bag or backpack. Please mark your personal belongings clearly with your name and bib number. Do not place any valuables among the items you hand in on the race day. Although the personal belongings are under staff surveillance, ROC cannot be held responsible for any lost items.

3.7 ROC will not be responsible for any loss due to any of the following causes:

- Illness or other accidents (including emergency treatment);

- Loss or damage to personal property;

- Late arrival due to public transportation difficulties or poor road conditions.

3.8 ROC will provide first aid or professional medical care for any injury, illness or accident and in case of necessity refer the patient to the nearest hospital. The runner will be responsible for paying for emergency medical care and treatment, in particular for costs.



4.1 Runners must not use transportation of any kind while running on the course (for example skate board, bicycle, motorbike, car etc.)

4.2 Doping is strictly prohibited. Usage of any substance listed by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will result in disqualification. Runners are not allowed to use any stimulants, drugs or medicines that increase the feeling of excitement during the race.

4.3. ROC has the right to request the awarded runners to submit urine specimen for doping tests should there be any suspicion of doping use.

4.4 Runners are not eligible for non-organizational support, including but not limited to: water, nutrition, partners, personal items (such as hats, towels, water jugs, etc.)

4.5 Runners must follow the course designated by ROC. Any runner leaving the race track without referee's permission will be considered a foul and subject to disqualification. Runners who intentionally shorten the race track (taking a shortcut) will be disqualified. Taking a shortcut may be detected by the referee or by monitoring devices and video.

4.6 Runners need to run through the starting mat, the test rugs on the running track and the finishing carpet, otherwise it will result in failure to complete the course. Any runner whose signal is not captured by all the chip mats will be considered as failing to complete the race.

4.7 Do not take advantage of the crowd to promote violence behavior of any kind.

4.8 Do not bring unrelated equipment to the marathon; do not bring any weapon, sharp object that can harm you or others.

4.9 Do not bring any document, leaflet which is unrelated to the event that can be used in propaganda purpose against the Vietnamese government and people.

4.10 Do not wear offensive costume, inappropriate to Vietnam's culture. Do not run with the whole face sealed with contents against the State and people of Vietnam or with contents beyond the program ROC recommend runners to wear provided T-shirt.

4.11 Runners must not violate traffic rules and must obey traffic officers within the running course. If the runner commits a violation, he/she will be fully responsible under the laws of the State of Vietnam and must compensate the damage caused to ROC (if any).

4.12 Foreign runners have the responsibility to declare themselves and to make sure their purpose of entry into Vietnam to participate in VHM when applying for visa and entry procedures in Vietnam. The runners are also responsible for informing ROC about their hotel in Hanoi while participating in the race.

4.13 Runners must not carry out activities that may cause delays, such as: jumping, changing clothes, playing musical instruments, raising funds, asking for signatures... Runners do not obstruct running by failing to comply with instructions by the organizing officers. Runners are not allowed to use toilets outside the designated areas.



5.1 A runner will be dismissed if receive any kind of support from any machine/ equipment during the race.

5.2 Runners must stop if there is any show of unusual health symptom (cold, flu, fever,…)

5.3 ROC will support plans of health warning to secure safety for runner on course. However, a runner will have to take responsible for his/her own safety and health during the race.

5.4 A runner who wears a bib with the wrong gender or a bib not provided by ROC.



6.1 Registration is non-refundable in case of delay or cancelation for any reason.

6.2 Once registration is made and the fee is paid, runner cannot make a refund request to ROC for any reason.

6.3 ROC has the right to delay or cancel the race in case of any unexpected event according to the law. In this case, ROC will make an announcement to all registered runners.



7.1 ROC requires that registration must be made via our online registration platform on our website if runner is currently living outside of Vietnam. In case there is any technical difficulty or technical error, ROC will assist runner with alternative registration and payment option.

7.2 The deadline for registration: To be announced later.

7.3 The deadline for written name of bib: To be announced later.

7.4 All runners participate in the categories of 42 km, 21 km and 10 km will receive a Race Kit containing a race bag, bib, a timing chip, a T-shirt and a guideline document; Runners of the 5-km category will receive bib, a T-shirt and a guideline documents.

7.5 Registration age:
- For the 5-km category, runner must be over 10 years old .
- For the 10-km category, runner must be over 14 years old.

For participating in the 21-km and 42-km categories, runners must be over 16 years old and must be legally competent to register according to the rule of ROC and other requirements regarding registration for example, usage of credit or debit card to make payment.

In cases where a runner is below the prescribed age, the legal guardians must sign the guarantee and bear full responsibility for the safety and the risks that may occur to the guaranteed.

7.6 If you register or are authorized to collect Race Kit on behalf of someone else or group of runners, you will have to commit that you have full delegacy of that runner or group of runners. Terms and conditions will apply to you and the person or group that you register on their behalf equally with your signature.

7.7 Once the registration form has been duly processed, the registration fee will be non-refundable for any reasons. The registration is non-transferable to another competitor, to the next year’s competition or other events. The change of race distance is acceptable before the deadline. You are required to pay the differences between the applicable fee at the time of change and the fee you originally paid if the fee for new race distance is higher, but there will be non-refundable amount if the fee for new distance is lower.

7.8 In case the runner made an overpayment of registration fee, ROC will return the excess amount to the runner via its online payment portal.

7.9 ROC will not be responsible for delays in case the applications are not processed due to a faulty Internet, due to failure to accept the terms and conditions, resulting in not being able to send confirmation emails.



8.1 Runners in the advanced group:
The group consists of top 50 athletes who ranked first in the 2018 World marathon; the athletes who are members of the national teams in ASEAN, Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia; members of national athletics teams; members of provincial, city and sectoral teams; Elite athletes who have been selected and sponsored by ROC.
ROC provides free bibs, meals and accommodation for three days for up to 3 people from each country or territory (including one leader, one male athlete and one female athlete) in the advanced group. In addition, ROC will provide training clothes including pants, shirts, shoes for these athletes if they meet the requirements from ROC.

8.2 Runners from mass population:
They include all the athletes who do not receive any preferential treatments from ROC and who buy bib on their own.



9.1. Runners who are among the top finishers of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 5km categories will receive Cup, Finisher Medals, and Prizes by cash or in kind depending on agreements with sponsors. In case there will be a portion of prize in cash, 10% of Personal Income Tax will be deducted according to the Vietnamese government's Tax Policies. All prizes (in kind) or/and cash vouchers from sponsors are not exchangeable for cash.

9.2 List of Prizes:

Applied for top 10 runners of each 42 km, 21 km, 10 km and 5 km categories (male & female)

Please check details of the prize here.

9.3. ROC has the right to dismiss/disqualify a runner if there is any violation of terms and conditions of the race.

9.4 Any questions, complaints about the prize should be sent to ROC within 24 hours after the announcement of the award. With the late complaints, ROC will consider the seriousness of the violation to make an appropriate decision.

9.5 In case an athlete wins two prizes, ROC will choose to award him/her the higher prize.



In 42-km, 21-km and 10-km categories, ROC will provide timing chip. All runners are responsible to any damage to the timing chips that lead to fail in measuring their personal results of the race



ROC has reserved all the rights and copyright to use any photos, videos, information and any data of this race for the official website, social page of VPBank Hanoi Marathon or/and for any advertising materials, press, social media, online marketing materials and other marketing activities of the Marathon.

Copyright of this information includes, but is not limited to, names and information such as age, address (forget the restaurant, province, city) of the runners mentioned in the article related to the event.



Other terms and conditions regarding technical, specialty and achievements that are not mentioned in this document will follow the regulations of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS).

Website: http://aims-worldrunning.org



13.1 To ensure the safety of running, ROC will apply this rule throughout the race, for all runners. Runners who do not comply with the rules will be deemed ineligible to participate in the tournament.

13.2 If there is any dispute during the race regarding registration terms and conditions, achievements, results of the Marathon 2019, ROC has privilege of making the final decision.

13.3 ROC reserves the right to change these terms and conditions in urgent cases.



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