Good News Exclusively for Groups

The Race Organizing Committee (ROC) would like to announce that the special incentive policy for groups participating in the VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2021 will be officially applied between January 16 and September 30, 2021, with the following details:

Good News Exclusively for Groups


The above discounts will be applicable to the list price at each specific time.

Currently, the list price for the first registration stage is the SUPER GREAT, SPECIAL AND ONLY PROMOTION of the year and which only lasts until January 25, 2021. The ROC's list price at the present time can be found at

Clubs and groups must be sure not to miss this special opportunity.

For first-timers, please quickly find yourself a group in order to enjoy the only super-attractive price in 2021 and give yourself the chance to enjoy the happiness of striding on the beautiful running tracks, especially the unique 42-km non-looping distance, passing the most landscapes of striking beauty in Hanoi's autumn.

Race Date: October 24, 2021




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