Thanking Letter to Volunteers

Fellow Volunteers of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020,

First of all, thank you for accepting our invitation to join the Race Organizing Committee!

The VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020 has ended with a lot of emotions when the promise with Hanoi's autumn has been fully accomplished. The safe participation of nearly 6,000 runners in the "new normal" context is not simply a success, but a miracle.

Thanking Letter to Volunteers

This could not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation and responsibility of the team of volunteers. The Race Organizing Committee (ROC) would like to express deep gratitude to nearly 1,000 young people from VPBank and the Hanoi Pedagogical University of Education and Sports, bikers from the Cat Viet Thai club, pacers from 84RACE, photographers, crew members medical staff and security units who have always stood side by side with the ROC, present at the key points of the running tracks very early and closely supported the runners thoroughly during the race.

If Hanoi welcomes runners with all its best possible: The sky cannot be more blue, the autumn wind cannot be sweeter on the small streets with ancient houses quietly standing in the beautifully charming night, the scent of milk flower cannot be more passionate and seductive, the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020 brings the best experience to the runners with a team of enthusiastic volunteers.

In addition to the joy the runners gained from exploring Hanoi’s autumn night, the enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and dedication of the volunteers have left a beautiful impression on all participating runners and each takes home a greater love for Hanoi, for VPBank Hanoi Marathon – the iconic race of the capital with one thousand years of civilization.

The success of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020 is a great encouragement for us to work together and bring more success in the upcoming years, attracting more and more tourists, those who have passion with running and travel to explore and experience the poetic beauty of Hanoi's autumn.

Once again, much thanks to all the volunteers, who together with the ROC made the marathon a success! Thank you for your sweat, your silent contributions, your dedication and hard work! The organizers look forward to further receiving your companion with VPBank Hanoi Marathon in 2021!

Good bye and See you again!

Sincerely yours,


The Race Organizing Committee of

The VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020




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