Thanking Letter to Runners

Hanoi October 18, 2020.


Dear Fellow Runners,

The Race Organizing Committee (ROC) of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020 would like to thank you for your response to our invitation to the autumn of Hanoi and congratulate you for completing your race at the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020. No matter what the results may be, to us you are all winners.

The year 2020 is a particularly challenging year as the COVID-19 pandemic has been progressing for most of the year, causing delays or cancellation to most marathons. In such a context, the fact that the VPBank Hanoi Marathon can still take place in 2020 as expected is really a miracle, but it also poses a huge challenge for the ROC and the runners.

The complexity of the epidemic situation at the start of the year has always put the ROC in alarm status, constantly having to provide various scenarios and contingency plans with the determination to organize the marathon as expected by runners, who love and cannot miss Hanoi's autumn. It is the runners' love and trust that has been a great motivation for the ROC to overcome all difficulties and challenges, for the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020 to take place as per the commitment to those who love and have registered to compete in the marathon.

We've tried our best to the last moment but have been forced to make a mistake when we could not award you with the special medal of the season, the year of ASEAN Chairmanship. Your sweat fell on the running tracks while we swallowed our tears to try very hard to the final moment for your smiles at the Finish line. We will definitely deliver the medals to you as soon as possible.

Today Hanoi welcomed the runners in the way that could not be more wonderful. Thousands of spectators, who are runners from all over the world, look towards Hanoi autumn with full admiration. We are truly fortunate to stride together on the beautiful streets of Hanoi entering the autumn. And more than just a marathon, we can also share our love together with the people in Vietnam's central region who are struggling against floods and storms. Let love and wonderful experiences today close the marathon and bring you fresh energy and happiness!

Thank you and see you again in the new season of VPBank Hanoi Marathon!

Best regards,


The Race Organizing Committee of the VPBank Hanoi Marathon ASEAN 2020

Thanking Letter to Runners


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