Jogging in Safety, Comfort with Xtep Special Running Shoes

Jogging is extremely simple but in order to make it comfortable, safe and extra productive, the first and most important thing one needs is to have a pair of good and suitable shoes.

A pair of good running shoes must be a product specifically designed for running.

Having joined the organization of over 1,000 marathons for more than five million runners, with a total running distance of some 100 million km, Xtep has become one of the firms providing professional sportswear and specialized running shoes increasingly favored by the community of trendy runners in the region and globally.

Jogging in Safety, Comfor with Xtep Special Running Shoes

Xtep running shoes are designed using specialized materials, advanced technology to ensure both quality and fashion. The shoe sole, the most important factor to determine the quality of running shoes, is produced by Xtep using Phylon (MD) material (for women's shoes) or synthetic rubber (for men's shoes), with durability, flexibility, making them light, with good elasticity, shock absorption, high durability and giving special protection for running feet, while providing the most comfort during the movement.

Xtep running shoes are also designed to be extremely fashionable, with many colors and sizes for both men and women of all ages.

Join the "Home Marathon in Support of White-Blouse Angels to Win the COVID-19 Pandemic", and get the opportunity to win Xtep super-cool running shoes!

The Home Marathon takes place from April 8 through April 22, 2020.

Registration lasts through April 15, 2020.

To sign up for the online race, click here.



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