Xtep: Fashionable And Trendy For Runners

Once passionate about long-distance running, you must have definitely picked for yourself specialized running outfit. Running and staying trendy, look for Xtep!

Xtep is one of Hong Kong's famous professional sports brands which is increasingly popular among trendy runners. The brand launched its first collection in collaboration with Holland at London Fashion Week 2019.

Joining the "Home Marathon in Support of While-Blouse Angels to Win the COVID-19 Pandemic", you will have the opportunity to receive prizes, including Xtep Ultra-cool and HOT specialized running outfits.

Xtep: Fashionable And Trendy For Runners

Xtep running T-shirts are usually made from 100-percent Polyester fabric, suitable for summer training, packed with features such as quick dry, skin friendly and giving no feeling of sticky. Xtep shorts are usually light and airy, made from 76 percent of nylon and 24 percent of spandex. All products are taken into account the friction-reducing factor to best support training and high-performance competitions, while bringing a sense of comfort throughout the process.

Xtep: Fashionable And Trendy For Runners

Bearing a simple, but sophisticated and modern design, Xtep products always ensure the quality, best serve running and create inspiration for runners while retaining all the fashionable, dynamic and stylish features.

Let Xtep make you stand out, and turn each of your steps more fascinating, more passionate!

The Home Marathon takes place from April 8 through April 22, 2020.

Registration lasts through April 15, 2020.


To sign up for the online race, click here.



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