March Challenge

March Challenge


Running is not just jogging. Running changes runners' life in spectacular ways. Even people who have just started to run can see many changes, with new habits, becoming more positive in the way of thinking, working and taking daily activities. Whether running has become a passion or is only to improve health, as the world is now engulfed by panic and fears over the COVID-19 outbreak, more practice to boost resistance and the immune system has become more practical.

With a desire to accompany runners to get through this epidemic and continue training in order to retain the tempo when most of the races have been postponed or cancelled, VPBank Hanoi Marathon and 84RACE will organize a chain of running challenges, with the first theme set for March: “Let's Get Through the Epidemic with VPBank Hanoi Marathon”.

In order to bring runners more inspiration and motivation to maintain their daily training, VPBank Hanoi Marathon will present a Bib number discount code (up to 30 percent), corresponding to each challenge milestone conquered by the runners who register an account with 84RACE. Details are as follows:

Category  30 km (Discount code for 20%)
Category  50 km (Discount code for 25%)
Category 100 km (Discount code for 30%)
Category 200 km (Discount code for 40%)
Category 250 km (Discount code for 50%)

In addition, runners having completed the challenge will also have the opportunity to join a lucky draw and win interesting gifts (*) from VPBank Hanoi Marathon, including five free Bib numbers, T-shirt, shoes… to help them further nurture the passion for running anytime, anywhere.

For runners who have just begun the practice, this will be a great opportunity for you to start the "self-revolution", to get on with a daily routine.

To register click here.

Welcome to Challenge and "Let's Get Through the Epidemic with VPBank Hanoi Marathon"!

(*) Runners completing the challenge need to log in the 84RACE account, access the personal page/challenge management/challenge “Let's Get Through the Epidemic with VPBank Hanoi Marathon” to join the lucky draw.

Challenge Details

Challenge Period

From March 7 to March 31, 2020


You can join and run anywhere in the world, as long as you use the GPS app to record your performance. Instruction here.

Deadline for Registration

23:59 on March 15, 2020

Participant quota


Opening Date for Registration


Cut-off time

No time limit for each run


1. This is an online race so runners can join and run anywhere they can. Runners only need to install Strava app (or use a sports watch branded Garmin, Suunto or Polar etc. connected to Strava) and connect with 84RACE account. Instructions here.
2. A participant will receive the gift only after he has completed the challenge.
3. Participation fee is non-refundable.
4. Changing category after registration is not permissible.
5. It it not allowed to use two or more devices within a running session which can lead to a change in results.
6. An account may be subject to inspection if suspicion arises over dishonest results. Conquering the challenge is considered incomplete if we conclude that the runner is dishonest.
7. This challenge helps motivate runners to overcome challenges in the spirit of honesty and sport. We will always update and check the posted results.
8. Rewards are only applied to the participants within Vietnam's territory. Runners who currently reside in other countries are welcome to join the event, but will not be considered to be qualified for gifts.

Level of Complexity

1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars corresponding to the category runners register and complete

Criteria for Completion

1. Tracklogs with an average pace of between 3 min/km and 15 min/km, carrying the date within the event period.
2. Reaching the total distance from all tracklogs at least on par with the registered distance

Criteria for Ranking

1: Reaching the longest distance (km)
2: Reaching the fastest average pace

Criteria for Getting Bib Number Discount Code

In addition to completing all the fixed criteria in the challenge, the runner who receives the Bib will be the one with the highest achievement in each category.

Suitable runners' group



Discount code for registration with VPBank Hanoi Marathon 2020 corresponding to the registered category; E-Certificate on 84RACE;

Lucky draw: 50 gifts including 5 Bib for the 2020 marathon, 2019 Race T-Shirt, Shoes, Cap etc.



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